Jacaranda Gown


Image of Jacaranda Gown

Be the belle of the ball in this ethereal full-length gown. Pure silk from top to borrow beautifully displays a work of hand-printed art applied with purple carrots, in a whimsical floral design. The full skirt is topped with a turmeric-printed silk belt, which pops against the rich violet that decorates the rest of the gown.

The Jacaranda Gown is lined with organic cotton, with a simple sleeveless boatneck top that allows the vibrant colours and ravishing design to take centre stage. Crystal beadwork down the back adds just the right amount of sparkle to this remarkably unique gown.

For more picture see: http://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/spring-summer-2016/ready-to-wear/green-embassy

* Note: There may be slight color differences with item on hand due to lighting when the photos were taken.

Each item is handmade and won't be exactly the same as pictured due to the individuality


Image of Jacaranda Gown