Papillon Gown


Image of Papillon Gown

Layers of ruffled silk organza comprise a fluttering hi-low skirt, while a fitted vegan silk bodice with a straight-across neckline dazzles. Printed all over with purple carrots, the print is randomly placed around the petals of the skirt, with a stronger, consistent pattern on the bodice.

In the middle of the top, a triangular panel boasts a softer pigment, adding to the dreamy romance of this ethereal gown. A short organic cotton under-skirt allows the "wings" of the over-skirt to open gracefully, creating a true butterfly effect.

Airy, elegant and almost otherworldly in its beauty, this is the gown you've been dreaming of.

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* Note: There may be slight color differences with item on hand due to lighting when the photos were taken.

Each item is handmade and won't be exactly the same as pictured due to the individuality


Image of Papillon Gown